About the Data


Pay for Prevention’s models integrate data from a number of state agencies, all of whom have also contributed their expertise. To ensure privacy, we use an anonymized dataset for all analyses. The Institutional Review Board at Oregon Health & Science University has authorized the research.

The findings presently shown on the site are drawn from a ten-year cohort — every child born in Oregon between 2001 and 2010, matched to their parents and to information from multiple agencies. With assistance from state partners, we are presently extending the cohort by five years and adding new data.

Beginning in 2017, the dataset will include the following:

  • Birth Record
  • Child Welfare
  • Human Services Programs
  • Self Sufficiency Payments
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Education
  • Juveline Justice and Corrections
  • Home Visiting Programs
  • And More

The present dataset includes 460,000 children, linked to the following:

  • 150,191 linked child protective services records
  • 65,468 foster care case records
  • 474,251 birth conditions records
  • 3,795,197 records of DHS and OHA support program usage
  • 132,742 records of parental DOC involvement, including parents on probation or parole.